How to add your Gold Points for game purchases on Nintendo Regular Platinum Points can be earned by completing missions.

For all Nintendo users around the world, they can now get My Nintendo points by completing missions.
In related to My Nintendo points, they are categorized into two types which are Platinum Points and Gold Points.

Every type of points is earned in a different way and it can be redeemed for different types of rewards

What is Platinum Points

Platinum Points can be earned for using various Nintendo services such as Nintendo smart-device apps and they can be redeemed for any reward that requires Platinum Points.
If you use Nintendo smart-device apps, you will get platinum points
Anyway, you will not be able to redeem points earned in one app for a reward specific to a different app.

What is Gold Points

Gold Points can be collected from what you purchase for the Nintendo Switch system from Nintendo eShop or from Nintendo site
By registering physical game cards for Nintendo Switch, you will be rewarded with gold coins
If you purchase packaged Nintendo Switch software, you will be granted with gold points.
You can then redeem gold points for any reward that requires Gold Points.
Also, you can use gold points to get eligible digital content from Nintendo eShop or from the official Nintendo site

On the other side, every time you purchase Nintendo Switch game, whether it’s in the eShop or for a physical game, you will get Gold Points which can be used toward purchases for things such as background themes for your 3DS, Prima game guides, and discounts for Wii U purchases.

Besides, you can also exchange your Gold Points toward purchases made in the Nintendo Switch eShop.
Again, every digital game you purchase on the Switch, 3DS, or Wii U eShop, you will get Gold Points where you can then use them in the Switch eShop for digital contents.

If you want to redeem your Gold points from eShop games make sure that your Nintendo Network ID is connected to your Nintendo Account before purchasing any game so all of your eshop game purchases from your various consoles will share the Gold Point rewards

By doing so, once purchasing a game form your Nintendo device, your gold points are added to your My Nintendo Account automatically.

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